Phoebe Cates and her acting career

There are only a few examples of actors that have reached a certain level in cinematography and have decided to put an end to their careers at an age that would have allowed them many more roles. It is also the case of Phoebe Cates that gave up her acting career in 1994, at the age of 31, after only twelve years from her debut.
In 1984, while she was a young fashion model without too much success, Phoebe Cates received the offer of starring in a movie called "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". She played the role of a popular girl and she was appreciated for a topless scene that she did without inhibition. Her next role was in a movie called "Paradise" that copied a lot from the classic "The Blue Lagoon". Again, although she was only 17 at that time, she did a couple of nude scenes that made her very popular among the ones that saw the movie. Phoebe's next movies were not as successful as the first two, receiving a lot of roles in children oriented productions. Probably the most important role she had in that period was the one in "Gremlins". In 1994, after making an appearance in "Princess Caraboo", Phoebe Cates decided to retire from acting and she only came back in 2001 for a role in "The Anniversary Party".